2016 Interns Reflect…

We asked a few questions to some of the SurveyMonkey 2016 interns about their experiences. Here are their responses..

Catherine Johnson, Rising Senior at University of Washington

How did you find out about this internship?
Catherine_Johnson_1_I first found out about this internship at my school’s internship fair when I talked to some employees at the SurveyMonkey booth. After having a pleasant conversation with someone at the booth, I gave them my resume and a day later they contacted me for an interview. The interview process itself was very straight forward. My future manager and I just sat and talked about my experiences, what I knew about the company, and solved a few problems such as constructing a method that converts ascii characters to integer values. The interview even went a little over time because we were having such a great conversation. In the end it was a great experience for a process that tends to be surrounded in anxiety.
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